FlashPoint news continues!


Another cool Flashpoint teaser has his the Source blog! I really like that new readers can jump on this event without any prior knowledge but those of us who read classics like Shade the Changing Man are going to feel a cool connection. I am a fan of events including everyone.

One of my good friends was new to the Green Lantern Universe during Blackest Night. We had many fun discussions about Green Lantern history and the overall DCU. This wasn’t because he needed it to enjoy the story. It was because the story sparked that interest. If you have friends who are interested in alternate universe or time twisting stories, Flashpoint might be that cool jump on mini series. Fringe and Dr. Who fans for example are a ready made audience to try out some of this. If you are excited for Flashpoint, let a friend borrow the first issue and have some fun discussing the event.

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