Smartphone app?

I have toyed around with the idea of an app for the show. I find that I love apps on my various devices and have been wondering if there was listener interest.  An app would cost, $1.99 I believe. That is the minimum Apple allows you to charge. I would also look into an Android app option. Our goal isn’t to make money off it which is why we’d only charge the minimum. Honestly, I would offer it for free if I could.

If you think an app is something you would like, vote above and let me know. It’s not a guarantee we will offer one but certainly significant listener interest would push me to look at providing one. I am all for anything that is convenient for our audience.

5 thoughts on “Smartphone app?

  1. Sean, I would be afraid that if the show was listened to on a cell phone that the content would be cut into. If the show lasts for two hours I’m hanging on every word just as four hours. I look forward to hearing the show as much as I do my favorite comic of the week. Two to four hours just fly by for me. I would be saddened to hear less than that. If you had to that would be okay with me but I’m hoping not. I do realize that these things are our future but when it comes down to all of this new technology I’ll be sitting with my ancient laptop until it’s last energy surge. I love this show and everything about it including its format and don’t want to lose that. Sorry for the long rant.

  2. Andy, you have nothing to worry about. I am just exploring the ap option. The format and style of the show will always come first. If we had to change the show for the ap, then it isn’t a good option. I haven’t heard of an ap restricting length so I think we are ok.

  3. Sean, thanks for the reply. I wasn’t upset about the poll. I apologize if it seemed so. I think it’s great your thinking of other ways to get the show to listeners! I guess I was being over-protective of a media that I really enjoy. When I seen the poll I started thinking about cell phone battery life and how long something could hold attention on a phone. That sort of thing. I have to admit I haven’t moved up to a smart phone yet. Still using a Motorola Razor. I have a lot to catch up on. lol

  4. I didn’t take it as you being upset. I was just clarifying. Tablets and Smartphones are often used while connected to a charger on the road and in offices to provide content. This is similar to an Ipod Touch and such where they use wi fi as well. Apps often provide a convenient way to access the content. Don’t worry at all. It won’t change the show in any way. I didn’t take your comments as anything more than honest concerns. I appreciate that you like what we do and want to preserve it. Rest assured, we have no intention of changing the way we produce Raging Bullets other than to try to keep improving what we do. If we provide apps, it won’t change the show.

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