I know I’m a few weeks behind on this.  But, December 12 brought about a Twitter campaign in support of a Lois Lane ongoing series.

Yes, please.

What impresses me the most about the campaign was that it got some writers and artists show their love for the character and express their interest in working on such a series.  The Twitter campaign and the interest from some big-name creators even gained the attention of DC Editorial.

I hope that this interest is taken seriously by DC, and that it is not in the same vain as the Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane series from the 1950s.  I admittedly haven’t seen many of these issues, but I do know that they were mostly considered Elseworlds tales.  And because of the times, they also put much less emphasis on Lois as a reporter and more on her role as a romantic interest of Superman.

Lois Lane is married to Superman.  We all know that.  But there’s a reason she is considered probably the best journalist in the DCU.  I would love to see a series that focuses on her and the Daily Planet.  I want to see Perry, Jimmy, Cat, Steve Lombard, and maybe even the mail lady.  And if Lois’s husband shows up, I want it to be in the form of Clark Kent, not Superman.  I want to see them working on stories, maybe even together, that affect all of the DCU, not just events that affect Metropolis.

Come to think of it, there are a number of people (heroes even) who call Metropolis their home.  Black Lightning, Supergirl, and Steel all hang out in the City of Tomorrow, so show them doing their superhero thing and how it’s handled in the media.

One story in particular that comes to mind is the interlude that G. Willow Wilson wrote for Superman #706.  The idea that someone might have caught Lois stealing a moment with Superman is one that puts them in a difficult position.  If there was one part of the issue that I disliked, it was that it only lasted one issue.  It felt rushed.  This could have very easily been a three-issue arc, showing more of the details behind figuring out if the picture was real or not.  I also felt that there was a little ambiguity as to whether or not the picture really was fake.  Trust me, I have students who can do wonders with Photo Shop.  One of those pictures was fake.  I’m just not sure which one it was.

If anything, I see a Lois Lane story comic on a Gotham Central feel.  Cops and journalists are similar, right?

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