LITG: Update from C2E2

Hey, all.  We’re at the end of the second day of C2E2 in Chicago, and so far the show has been great.  Personally, this is only the second con I’ve ever attended, the Wizard show last August in Chicago being the first.

I’ve been trying desperately not to act like a total fan girl this weekend.  Maybe I should just let it happen, but I want to be respectful to these people.  I won’t follow my favorite writer or artist into the restroom to get an autograph, and I certainly won’t hassle them with questions about my favorite characters as they try to grab a bite to eat at the pretzel stand.  Am I freaking out internally that I’m in the same room with some of my favorite people in comics?  Oh, definitely.

This weekend has also given me the chance to finally meet Sean and Jim in person.  I also met Ian from the Comic Timing podcast today.  I find it slightly hilarious (don’t ask why–I don’t know that I can explain it) that we all recognize each other by our voices.  I had absolutely no idea who this dude was until he started talking.  Then, it was “Hey, Ian.”

If you want to know what I thought about the Brightest Day panel, you’ll have to listen to the podcast.  But until then, here’s some of my highlights from the day, some of which I’m still trying to digest.

  • Franco (of Tiny Titans) colored a Superman in crayon for me today.  And then I found a Superman carrying Lois that he did that I had to have, so now I have some cool Superman art in crayon.  I honestly have no idea why that excites me so much, but it does.  I think they’re going to be framed and put in my classroom.
  • I told Gail Simone’s husband that I didn’t like him…many times.  I have no reason for doing this, honestly.  I really should be more careful and know who people are before I tell them I don’t like them.  (In my defense though, I think it was pretty clear that we were joking.)
  • I had a huge moment today when Jamal Igle told me he knew me through the podcast and my column.  Mr. Igle, I have thoroughly enjoyed your Supergirl and I wish you would stay on that book forever.  Can I request that?  You and Sterling Gates on Supergirl forever and ever?
  • Oh, and there might be the small, minor detail of getting Geoff Johns to autograph Flash #1 and Brightest Day #0 as well.

I’m sure I’ll have much more to talk about in the coming days.  But let me just pimp out my new campaign one more time:


That is all.

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