Paul Cornell on Action. Wow, I did not see that coming. I’ve mentioned on the show for quite some time that besides my love for comics, I am a huge Dr. Who fan. Paul is the creator of Bernice Summerfield who was first a companion to Dr. Who in the Virgin New Adventures novels. These books were just fantastic and gave fans Dr. Who that was compelling when there was no series to follow. Paul’s growth as a novelist throughout that series was so fun to follow. His work at Marvel has been pretty darn good, with Wisdom being a favorite of mine.

Now I get the chance to see him take on Superman.  He was one of a series of creative writers who pushed the envelope of Dr. Who in novels and I look forward to see him play around with Clark’s world. I think the key to his Dr. Who books was that he really understood the core values of the character. As comic fans, we want a writer who knows that is an important step to keeping us on board.   I really think this could wind up being a great run.

By DrNorge

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