J.T. Krul and Some Beautiful Green Arrow art.


I’ve always been a Green Arrow fan. My exposure to him as a kid had been with the Justice League, but The Longbow Hunters by Mike Grell was my first real introduction to him as a solo character.

I like that, similar to Batman, he is self made. He trained to become this archer that can stand on his own with metahumans. A huge difference is his sense of politics in a world that clearly needs someone to be a different voice. He isn’t afraid to stand up for the little guy. I also like the sometimes emotion gets the better of him. He makes mistakes and he isn’t always right. Yet, he picks himself up and keeps trying. There is a humanity to him that I identify with.

Spoiler Alerts to Cry for Justice 7:

Ollie murdered Prometheus. I don’t agree with it, yet I understand what drove him to it. Besides the loss of many in his city, Roy was maimed, and his granddaughter was killed. Also, Prometheus was playing head games and really trying to victimize Ollie and the rest of the league. Vigilante’s always walk that fine line. Ollie crossed it.

What interests me is how the other heroes are going to react and actually are already reacting. I am glad that they have an issue with it but that Ollie is also calling them on their own past history. Barry killing Reverse Flash was part of his history as well. Sure Barry went before the courts but does that absolve that? If Ollie goes to the courts does that all of a sudden make this morally right? There are some deep issues here.

The relationship between various members of the Arrow Family is also of interest. What will Roy’s stand be? Dinah? Connor? Mia? I can see a variety of possible responses. He shut everyone out. This is typical Ollie but many (including Ollie) felt that he changed. We are seeing old patterns reemerge and yet, these events seem to have focused him on a new resolve. Where will he go from here? How will he regroup?

Green Arrow is a wild ride at the moment.

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