J.T. Krul and Some Beautiful Green Arrow art.


I’ve always been a Green Arrow fan. My exposure to him as a kid had been with the Justice League, but The Longbow Hunters by Mike Grell was my first real introduction to him as a solo character.

I like that, similar to Batman, he is self made. He trained to become this archer that can stand on his own with metahumans. A huge difference is his sense of politics in a world that clearly needs someone to be a different voice. He isn’t afraid to stand up for the little guy. I also like the sometimes emotion gets the better of him. He makes mistakes and he isn’t always right. Yet, he picks himself up and keeps trying. There is a humanity to him that I identify with.

Spoiler Alerts to Cry for Justice 7:

Ollie murdered Prometheus. I don’t agree with it, yet I understand what drove him to it. Besides the loss of many in his city, Roy was maimed, and his granddaughter was killed. Also, Prometheus was playing head games and really trying to victimize Ollie and the rest of the league. Vigilante’s always walk that fine line. Ollie crossed it.

What interests me is how the other heroes are going to react and actually are already reacting. I am glad that they have an issue with it but that Ollie is also calling them on their own past history. Barry killing Reverse Flash was part of his history as well. Sure Barry went before the courts but does that absolve that? If Ollie goes to the courts does that all of a sudden make this morally right? There are some deep issues here.

The relationship between various members of the Arrow Family is also of interest. What will Roy’s stand be? Dinah? Connor? Mia? I can see a variety of possible responses. He shut everyone out. This is typical Ollie but many (including Ollie) felt that he changed. We are seeing old patterns reemerge and yet, these events seem to have focused him on a new resolve. Where will he go from here? How will he regroup?

Green Arrow is a wild ride at the moment.

One thought on “J.T. Krul and Some Beautiful Green Arrow art.

  1. Sean and Jim, Sorry if this comment is a little long but, I hope you get the chance to read it. I know you guys get really great compliments from listeners. I’d like to add my own and give a little shout out to Green Arrow.
    I’ve been in to comics for a little over a year. I’m 40 yrs old now. When i was younger I didn’t grow up in a place very accessible to comics. Every once in a while there would be 1 or 2 for sale at the local ma-and-pa store.
    Last year I received an mp3 player for my birthday and started looking for podcasts I would be interested in. I ran across an episode of Comic Timing that you guys were on. After a couple of minutes I was hanging on everything you were saying. I immediately went to the Raging Bullets website and as they say, “the rest is history.”
    I started collecting a few Marvel trades here and there. I tried to start out on Civil War. (I was more exposed to Marvel when I was younger). I had to give my self a crash course on everything about it just to figure out what order I was suppose to read it in and what was happening in this book and that book just to have it all make sense. (I’m still working on all of that).
    Anyway, I heard you guys talking about this Dc Universe and how to really start if you’re new to the comic world. It helped me stick with comics after my Civil War ordeal. Thank you!
    Do you guys remember Spiderman on the Electric Company? The camera would pan down on a comic book and zoom in on it and you’d see a live version of Spiderman. I would be in awe. I remember asking my dad to get me a comic book like that.
    Well, when I listen to you guys rave about a book that you’re really enjoying, you make me feel like that all over again, everytime. It’s like you pull us into the comics with you. Again, thank you! Also, you guys have me hooked on the Dc U now! I can’t get enough, which brings me to my comment on the blog, J.T. KRUL AND SOME BEAUTIFUL GREEN ARROW ART.
    I recently bought a box of comics from a private collector. There was Kevin Smith’s run on Green Arrow included. I remember hearing about GA when I was younger but, had very little exposure to him in comics.
    When I started reading I couldn’t stop! I loved all of the dialogue. It all seems to be in the appropriate places and really makes for an awesome jumping on point and explains everything you need to know without having to go back and find all of the history on GA. Now that I’ve read it I wouldn’t mind that, though. The Action sequences were right where they needed to be.
    I read somewhere that Kevin Smith stayed true to form on Arrow because, he loved the character. He did a great job. The artists really contributed to the books as well! Hester and Park are now high on my list as favorites. They meshed the writing and art so well that everything comes naturally together.
    The relationship between Arrow and Canary made me really care about these two people. I was so happy to see Canary get back together with Ollie. When Connor was shot it made me mad. I thought it was the end of seeing the father and son recociliation. When Canary came to the hospital and comforted Ollie gave me a “Whew, feel a little better now,” moment. It’s one of the first books to spark emotion for me. The dialogue between Arrow and Hawkman. They were trying to make Canary think they were getting along fine. Hilarious! Ollie did an impression of Batman. Hwakman says, “He’s even doing the cape thing!” Laugh out loud moment!
    I loved this run on Arrow. I was sad to see Kevin Smith leave the title. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions as to what we could read to get back to this place with the Arrow family.
    Sorry so long guys. Thanks for the time and thank you so much for the show. Raging Bullets will be on my Christmas list for donations!!!! a true bulleteer always, Andrew

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