Straczynski to write Superman and Wonder Woman (Updated)

Some interesting and exciting news about the future of Wonder Woman and Superman. JMS is taking over both in July.

It’s no secret that I have been a HUGE fan of Wonder Woman during Gail Simone’s run. I was very sad to hear she was leaving the book. Although I have to eagerly admit getting Birds of Prey back has me more excited than anything. I have missed those characters and their fantastic adventures. I think they are strong female characters that need to be in the spotlight again. Honestly, they never should have left it. They are too well developed.

JMS has been batting very high with his work on Brave and the Bold. Each month, that book is exciting and gets to the core of the kind of stories that really shows he understands DC characters and what fans expect.  I am really interested in seeing him get to the core of Wonder Woman and Superman and carrying on the excellent concepts that have been developed byt the creators that have come before him. Based on Brave and the Bold, I have high hopes that these are exciting times for Clark and Diana.

UPDATE: Cool commentary from JMS on his thoughts on both characters.

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