Biting the Bullet Intro

I’m Sean Whelan. If you’ve listened to Raging Bullets, you know I am one of the cohosts. You’re probably asking yourself: “Why on Earth would you write a column with all of the hours of podcasting you do?” The honest answer is that there are always topics we don’t have time for on the show that I’d love to discuss. Even with doing this on the web site, I’ll always have more I want to chat about. This is another way for me to stretch my creative muscles and have some fun chatting about my love of comics.

This might also give me a chance to chat about some things outside of DC Comics that don’t really fit our show format. This could be anything from comics outside DC, movies, gaming, and other general musings. Since it is on our site, I’ll focus as much on topics that would normally make our show as possible but will take advantage of that freedom from time to time.

My current plan is to release this at least once a week or so depending on podcast preparations.

Feel free to shoot me your comments to and thanks for reading. I am not pretending I am a great writer but hope these submissions will be of some entertainment to you.

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