Batman and Robin Preview

This is exactly what I think is so great about the Batman books at the moment. High adventure with deep mysteries at the core that have been built over time. Why is Batman the world’s greatest detective? His world needs him to be that way. His world has put him in a position where that skill set is needed. I love that. The road to RIP with filled with this and I am glad to see that all of that matters and is part of a carefully laid out plan. It makes me more excited and invested in my monthly reading. That is so satisfying.

Episode 199 Bubblicious is up

Episode 199 Bubblicious: We talk about a ton this show including : Last Stand of New Krypton 1, Adventure Comics 8, Batman and Robin 10, Batgirl 8, Red Robin 10, Justice League: The Rise and Fall of Green Arrow Special, Cry for Justice 7,Magog 7, JSA All Stars 4, Blackest Night 7, Wonder Woman 41, Jonah Hex 53

Episode 200 airs the week of March 23: Remember to enter our contest.

Show Notes:

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