Our previous winners:

Grand Prize: Jay Ferguson

First Prize: Matt Kramer

Second Prize: Joseph Luciano.

SUMMER 2008 WEB CONTENT CONTEST:   One of the themes that has spun out of the show in the last year has been listener participation and fan produced content.  We are asking you to add some content to our web site.  You can participate by adding a new BulletPoints review, always wanted to have a column of your own, either weekly or monthly? This is your chance.  Have you received a sketch at a con and want to display it on our site? Send it in. Feel free to check out the site to see previous submissions. 

Other ideas are welcome outside of content we already offer, feel free to shoot me an email at with the title anniversary contest and we can discuss it. Please ask first though if it falls outside the above categories, just in case.

For examples of previous BulletPoints submissions, click on the link which is accessible from our main menu.



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