Sorry for the very long delay in communication. I wanted to post something as soon as I knew when we’d be coming back.

A few things have happened since our last recording. Jim and I both received promotions. As with any shifting in roles/responsibilities, we both had to recalibrate work before we could get back to stable recording time.

Jim and I were planning to return after this weekend. Unfortunately, the good Sensei hurt himself in a fluke swimming accident. It involves a spine issue that will have our friend going through some rehab and possible surgery.

Yes, in amazing Jim fashion, he has “iZilla” Pro at the hospital and is reading comics. We joked about recording from the hospital. Long time listeners know that Jim was likely serious because he is that kind of guy. I will let him and his recovery drive that, only if it will be truly fun for him.

I will keep you updated. The show will return. In the meantime, I ask that you please keep Jim in your thoughts. Any kind of spinal injury is serious. Our good friend lost feeling in his arms and legs, which has gradually returned for the most part. The time moving forward will be focused on his full recovery. Jim is a trooper. I’d bet on him any day of the week. I’m looking forward to sharing positive news on his progress with all of you on our podcast, as soon as the Sensei is ready for action.

By DrNorge

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