Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delayed update. Things are good now but got a little hectic for the hosts of Raging Bullets. Jim’s aunt passed away. The family is very close and condolences are certainly there for his loss.

Also, I had a corneal abrasion that was pretty severe. I was unable to see out of my left eye until the past couple of days. 

The good news is things are returning to normal for us both and we are anxious to record.

Tomorrow night, we are set to record an episode on “Batman and Harley Quinn” and the recent Adam West and WIlliam Shatner Two Face. We are anxious to talk about DC’s two most recent animated features.

After that, we will be looking at Wonder Woman by James Robinson and Conan and Wonder Woman by Gail Simone.

Later this month will of course be a Justice League special and more comic talk.

Thanks for your patience. It’s good to be back!

By DrNorge

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