We have a great show planned covering:
JLU 0,1
Secret Origins 1,2
All Star Western 31
Superman Doomed Event

By DrNorge

3 thoughts on “New show line up announced! First show of June up by Thursday night!”
  1. Joel,
    This is the final week for my students. I have a job. I apologize for that. Do you understand what “Tentative” means? Your refund is in the mail. (Oops, that’s right we provide all of this for free.) Drop it already. It’s getting old and disrespectful. Please feel free to start a podcast of your own and show us how it is done. I would be happy to promote it on our show. Being honest though, if you keep this up, I will have to ban you from the site because you are taking the fun out of this.

    [ téntətiv ]

    rough or provisional: likely to have changes before becoming final and complete

    I will say this for the last time, Joel, because you are bordering on harassment at this point. The web site is meant to give “tentative” updates on a podcast we gladly do for appreciative listeners as a hobby. We do not gain income from this. It is a free service we provide gladly. Should we stop the podcast because our jobs have more responsibilities these days or should we continue to deliver episodes?

    To any other listener out there, you are valued. Thank you for your patience.

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