Sunday’s release will include DC news reactions, All Star Western, Justice League United, Flash 30, Secret Origins 1, and Teen Titans 30.

As always, we welcome your voicemails.

By DrNorge

5 thoughts on “First May Episode Sunday Night!”
  1. Well, it is five am on Monday. Sean ALWAYS overestimates when he will post a show. If he claims one day, always expect a day or two later. I wish he would stop over-editing things. The more organic the talk, the more people will enjoy it. People don’t need the little gun shots to actually enjoy him and Jim talking. Seems like a waste…. and always a lie.

  2. For those of you that enjoy listening to the show, please know that you are valued. These comments are directed at Joel in response to his “very kind” words.

    Perhaps it is time for a reality check. At the beginning of this year I took a new position at work. It requires more duties for me and quite frankly, Jim and I had to talk about whether or not to continue the podcast. Realizing that responsibilities for both of our jobs would make it harder to record, we agreed that we both love doing the FREE podcast that we have provided for 390 episodes and decided to continue. We spent 4 hours yesterday having a great time recording for an audience that we truly appreciate. Sure that has meant some increase flexibility but we still average 4 shows and 10-12 hours of podcasting each month. We are glad to provided this FREE service.

    This weekend was my niece’s First Communion. I am not skipping that for you, Joel. Jim and I were planning to try and record on Saturday and it didn’t work out. We had to move it till Sunday. This week, I had to work on projects for my job, a class I am taking, and a personal audio project that I wouldn’t have given up.

    One of the things you mentioned is that I “over edit”. I hardly call taking out long pauses and some extra ums and such over editing. I call that caring about your audience. If you feel that what I do is a waste, please listen to the wide variety of other quality podcasts out there. Some edit, some don’t and there is no right or wrong there. I was up till 3 am, working, Joel. I will be glad to send you a refund, if you still have your receipt. Seriously though, I appreciate the time that you have listened. I feel that you should look elsewhere for a more enjoyable experience.

    We’ve happily done this show for 8 years and I value our audience and know that a majority appreciate that this is something we pay to do each month. We don’t make money off of this. It is a labor of love. We have sponsors who graciously help defer our costs but the podcast still costs us money to produce each month.

    The other point I take issue with is your idea of a “lie”. I have promised and delivered 390 shows in 8 years and never missed one. Life changes plans and I always update the audience. I regularly mention on the podcast that the show web site is here to let listeners know of tentative plans and any changes. It’s because I value the audience.

    Once again, For those of you that enjoy listening to the show, please know that you are valued. These comments are directed at Joel in response to his “very kind” words.

  3. Sean and Jim, I am sorry you took my comment, and replied to them in such depth, as a “super_negative.” I have listened to your show for over five years, and sent in some funny voice-mails. Bridge Man and the Debbie Gibson riff. If my language offended you, I am sorry. I see this week after week… “we will post on this day… or no, this day… or…” and it just bugged me that night. I am sorry. This reply from you reminds me of the Amy Baking Company. A seven paragraph tirade trying to just say… wha? Take some constructive ideas. People want to hear you and Jim talk… not special effects and cheesy songs. Again, sorry. But I did not say anything mean…

  4. Joel,
    You called me a liar, accused me of over-editing, called it a waste, cheesy, and nitpicked the smallest portions of the show. There is no spin you can put on your original presentation to make it look like you were being “respectfully constructive”. You were disrespectful and to a certain extent still are. There was nothing constructive there. End of story. Throwing in the length of my reply and “Amy Baking Company” comments does not change that you were out of line. If you wanted to do a “hit and run” with your response, you came to the wrong place. LOL, if you listen to the show you should know better. We’re pretty passionate about what we do.

    I will remind you again that this is not our main job. We do this for free and we have professional and personal responsibilities that need to come first. That’s life. Believe me, I’d love it if I had more time. This year changed my schedule greatly but it won’t change us continuing to deliver the podcast. We love doing the show and love the audience. If asking for patience on something we provide for free is too much, I can’t really help you there. If you enjoy the podcast, we appreciate that and will work our butts off to keep delivering it.

    Ok, crabby rant ends here. The rest is just explanation that might help you see things a little more clearly because worded differently, they are comments worth addressing. I felt these are worth mentioning to show that we do have a thought process to why we do things based on 8 year of experience.

    “People want to hear you and Jim talk”. There was 3 hours of that. The part that needs to be edited usually involves excessive pauses that are very common in 1 or two person shows where people collect thoughts. Content is not removed. This isn’t changing. It’s what takes the most time though.

    The “little gunshots” take about 30 seconds to put in the show and are there because of the time stamps separating segments which was a heavy, common and respectful listener request from years ago so people could “jump to” segments as needed. They aren’t going anywhere and are DC themed on purpose. I actually plan to make more at some point to “mix it up further”. It has to do with the length of the show.

    The show also needs opening and closing segments. We give 2 1/2 to 3 hours of content usually. We have a responsibility to sponsors. There is also show info and closing comments. These are very common for any program. It needs to be in there. These are done after the main show is recorded. The music at the beginning and end is common to most programing.

    I am not going to just throw out any old garbage. We try to be a 4 a month podcast. I have said many times on the show that the schedule on the web site is tentative. I can’t be more clear than that. We love our audience and want to try our best to communicate where things are heading. I will continue to do that. I would rather wait a day and deliver something that shows care and concern for the audience.

    I do appreciate that you want the show as soon as possible. That does mean a lot. You have to realize that our episodes still get traffic from 8 years ago. I have received numerous emails over the years thanking me for editing the show. There are some podcasts that don’t need to. I completely respect that. But, I am not going to leave in 5 second or more pauses. They add up fast in a length recording. There are also audio flubs, mistakes or even emergencies that cause us to pause or stop recordings. This often requires us to remove a portion of repeated audio. This varies from recording to recording. When we have guests, we encourage them to repeat lines or ask to edit content so they can feel safe that the message that they want to get out there is received. It’s the way we operate and this isn’t changing.

    I don’t go through and take out things that Jim and I say though. You’ll often hear us laugh at our own mistakes and each others.

    Voicemails come in at different volume levels and often need to be adjusted so they match the recording as much as possible. This often takes time as well. I love listener voicemails and want to make sure the callers are heard as clearly as possible. Some use phones, some use Skype and all have different sound quality. This is worth my time, every time.

    Again, the latter part of this message is meant to be information. The upper part is really meant to address my issues with your original delivery. There is a reason we do the things we do. In a perfect world, I would have unlimited time. We produce a “meaty” show multiple times a month. We try to estimate releases the best that we can.

    I am sorry if changing dates bothers you. Would it be better if I just didn’t give out any info? My feeling is that most people would prefer tentative updates to no communication. My schedule isn’t changing any time soon. I can’t apologize for that. It’s life. On the flip side, I can promise that we care deeply about our audience and will continue to try and produce the best product that we can. I think people like knowing that a show is coming and that I will keep them “in the loop”.

    This isn’t meant to be snarky but is a genuine suggestion. I encourage you to consider podcasting yourself. It might give you some insight. Each experience is unique and should be. No two podcasts are alike and I would love to see what you produce and how you get there. You clearly have some idea of what you would do if you were in the driver’s seat. You are right that you have delivered some funny voicemails.

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