New episode recorded and almost finished, up tomorrow. Line up announced

Hey Everyone,
We had so much content that we needed to split into two episodes. Episode 383 is recorded and almost finished in the editing process. It is 1 am and I need to get some sleep for work in the am. I will finish when I get home tomorrow.

Episode 383 : Forever Evil 6, Batgirl 28, the Movement 10, voicemails, a discussion about Gotham and DC movies. Clocks in at 3 hours unedited.

Episode 384 : Supergirl and the Red Lantern/GL flipbook, Superman/Batman and the World’s Finest Crossover, Superman/Wonder Woman

Episode 385: Aquaman, Action Comics and more TBA

Later in the month: 8 year anniversary show “The Raging Oscars in 52” with contest.

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