Frustrating evening last night, as we had a power outage due to some line issues on our street. The cool part was I had a change to read and get caught up on the very cool “Injustice: Gods Among Us” tie in comic. Media related comics have been getting to a much higher quality in the past few years. I preordered the Game of the Year Edition for the PC and am very anxious to play the game. For anyone interested in the tie in comic, it reads very well as a stand alone product. The premise is cool. What if something so horrible happened to Superman that he felt the need to become a more dominant and controlling force in the world? Who would side with him? Who would philosophically disagree? Who would wind up in the middle? How would the people react? It’s really great material.

On the podcast side, I only managed to get a short editing session due to the power outage and that was this morning at about 6 am. I will do more after work and am hoping to wrap it up this evening. It really is turning out well. Freddie is a terrific guest and shared some terrific insight into his work, the characters and the creation process.

I do want to shout out that “The Movement” issue 6 is due out today. If you aren’t reading this book, give it a chance. I am loving Coral City and the stellar cast of characters. Long live MOUSE!

By DrNorge

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