When we decided to do something special for our 300 shows, we wanted to cover something big that we normally just don’t have the time for. Knightfall is timely due to the movie coming out this summer. Tomorrow night’s release will mark the end of our exploration of this epic series. It’s a big show so it is taking me a little more time to edit.

Next weekend, we will cover Dominique Laveau Voodoo Child and the New Deadwardians. These are the remain 2 Vertigo titles from the 4 new releases. We will also have a decent casual chat on some of our favorite current New 52 moments while we were focused on Knightfall.

Following that show we will begin a second wave of a complete look at the New 52. We will check in with every title and give you our thoughts.

Thanks for joining us.

By DrNorge

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