Episode 291: Changes are coming to the New 52: Jim and Sean discuss the recent news of 6 cancellations and new titles in the New 52.  We also look at Stormwatch #5, Static Shock #5, Hawk and Dove #5 and OMAC #5.

We have listener voicemails from Mike, Charlie, Myron, Matt and a friend of the show who is convinced we are crazy! These are some great phone calls!

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6:10 Casual Chat: Recent cancellation and new title news

28:05 Stormwatch #5

1:04:50 Hawk and Dove #5

1:26:40 Voicemails 1

1:49:35 Static Shock #5

2:17:40 OMAC #5

2:40:45 Voicemails 2

3:02:45 Show Closing is Hawkman by Wednesday Heroes http://wednesdayheroes.com/wordpress/

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One thought on “Episode 291: Changes are coming to the New 52:Stormwatch #5, Static Shock #5, Hawk and Dove #5,OMAC #5, the recent news of 6 cancellations and new titles in the New 52”
  1. Regarding the cancellations: my understanding is that every book was guaranteed to have six issues when DCNU was announced. I think that, behind the scenes, a decision was made to hold off on the continue/cancel decision until the issue 5 orders came in so DC could see if any books had found following or had tanked after the issue 1 spike. I expect any book that makes it past issue 8 may be re-evaluated for cancellation at issue 12 (two full trades worth of stories, and more lead time to come to a conclusion). I find issue 8 an odd point for cancellation since that is only one and a half trades worth of stories. I think the reason for six cancellations was that is how many replacement series DC had ready to go at the time of the announcement. And some series seam to be coming back simply to maintain copyright on the series title (has to be published X times every 10 years, hence why Men of War is being replaced by G.I. Combat).

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