Episode 265: Flashpoint 3, Kid Flash Lost, Batman and Robin: Brent and Ian from Comic Timing join Sean to discuss Barry Allen, the Flash prior to FlashPoint, Impressions of the first 12 issues, Bart and Barry’s relationship, and how the event changed the game in terms of excitement for the Flash universe. We also look at Kid Flash Lost, FlashPoint 3, and Batman and Robin 24. We discuss Booster Gold and some more September relaunch chat.

Listener Voicemails from Rick, Leslie, and Bobby C.

Show Notes:

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3:26 Flashpoint 3, Kid Flash Lost, General Flash chat and more.

1:56:29 Voicemails

2:10:58 Batman and Robin 24 with brief overall post Morrison series chat, general Bat Family discussion, Red Hood’s future, and more.

3:10:54 Show Closing


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By DrNorge

2 thoughts on “Episode 265: Flashpoint 3, Kid Flash Lost, Batman and Robin, more September chat and voicemails! Plus what’s this I hear about Superman?”
  1. Thanks for the response to my phone call.

    1. I’ll give DC a chance to “sell me” on Lois and Clark not being married and Lois not knowing the secret. If they want to do a new version of “Here’s why Lois and Clark are perfect for each other” I’m for that. It is just “wait and see” at this point.

    2. I want a story about how Lois and Clark would react to hacking. The US journalism world saw Wikileaks as fantastic but hacking phones as wrongdoing. From what I’ve gathered, “phone hacking” is calling the phone and hoping the security codes have not been changed from the factory standard 1-2-3-4.
    Clark is more understanding of people’s privacy, what with keeping a HUGE secret for most of his life. The phone hacking in England just seemed to be searching for gossip instead of “hard” news.

    3. I haven’t read *every* issue of Birds of Prey, but I like to think I have a strong familiarity. When Oracle has tried to be a mentor to young heroines that I start not liking her, because she just was a bad mentor. Black Alice and Misfit just disappeared for quite a while. Cassandra went evil due to Deathstroke drugging her, and Oracle didn’t seem to care.

    Again, it is simple curiosity of Barbara as Batgirl and if she will still have the “Oracle attitude” that annoys me. I intend to at least get the first issue in September to see what the story is.

    4. Voldemort being just pure selfishness and evil does have its own appeal.

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