Call me Captain Obvious on this one but DC’s reboot is exciting and nothing to worry about. If you look at the Green Lantern Family #1 solicits, it’s clear that is retains much or all of the current continuity is being retained for this group of titles.

Now does this mean that it will be that way for all characters? No. We will see some major revamps. I am glad to see that DC is looking at what is working and drawing in readers. Throwing that out the window wouldn’t make sense. Revamping characters that need a new direction and draw, is a very cool idea. I also applaud the concept of a universal “jumping on” point for all books in September.

The more news we receive, the less worried I am. I love new ideas but also love that they will be mixed in with a healthy balance of what is currently working.

By DrNorge

2 thoughts on “Speculation from Captain Obvious: Reboot is not a full reset but a mixture of old and new.”
  1. What would be nice is if after all this is done ,we end up with a coherent, concise continuity that doesn’t require continuous retcons. Tnink about this, the heroes and their wives of the Golden Age are largely still alive even though they would be in their 80 or 90s by now. Not everyone of them can be immortal, and their kids (Jade, etc) would be 50 or so by now. I figure when Flash and whoever set the universe right, it won’t be exactly the same (Butterfy Effects and timey whimey stuff, This could allow a streamlining of continuity. As a fellow Dr. Who fan I’m sure you can appreciate that.Dr who could also do that to fix the 13 lifetime problem

  2. Just thought I would put my thoughts on the changes to the DC Universe:
    For me numbers matter and tiles like Detective, Batman, Action comics starting at number 1, I find a little sad. Why could they not have kept the numbering the same on books that are continuing and just have a banner on the cover saying New Universe, Reboot or New World anything to set it apart from what went before. I know DC say starting all the comics at number 1 helps readers to understand its a new jumping on point, but come on give us some credit if we can understand how to managed our daily life, house payments, balance work and family life then a comic reboot is not too much of a stretch. The Dark Knight has only reached issue 2 and will be lucky to reach 3 by September the way its going, so do they really believe readers would be confused with the back history of that book?

    John Constantine in a team book I cannot see this working, I have read Constantine since his conception and he is a loner and only thinks of himself so he wont work in a team book. Now if this is a different Constantine due to the changes then he is not the same character and they have lost one reader here.

    Tim Drake not on the Bat books, don’t think I have to expand on that one.

    I was enjoying Justice League, and had been informed by all sources that I read or listened too that a long term plan was in place, at last I thought what should be DC premier book finally had a planned direction. Seems I was miss-informed and we are going back to putting the big hitters in there once again, only to change it in around 2 years time and I am been kind giving DC two years.
    How many reboots has this book already had, is another going to make a difference.

    Excited About:
    The bat books all look good, I don’t include Birds,Batgirl or Batwoman in that statement, as I didnt read them before so I wont be picking them up in the shake up.
    I can live with Dick Grayson back as Knightwing as I loved that book before his change to Batman.

    The anthology title DC Universe Presents I love the idea of a book that can showcase characters, that would not always support a book of their own. My only hope is that the main DC characters don’t have main story lines in this book.

    All the Green Lantern books, I just hope the GL universe hasn’t changed too much.

    I have enjoyed the resent JLI book in Brightest Day so will be picking up the new one, just a small complaint where is Blue Beetle and I would have liked to see the atom stay in there.

    Worried About
    JSA, Power-Girl, American Vampire, Jonah Hex, Zattana and Batman Beyond who haven’t been mentioned as of yet.

    Will I buy the books that are the same or similar to what I buy now, yes I will, will I continue only time will tell. Will I buy any of the new books, I will listen to your reviews before deciding what’s best for me.
    On a final note we are holidaying in New York from September 12th for 5 days, so I may be able to get to some book signings whilst I am there if any are happening.

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