I am sure at this point most of you have seen this but I am super excited for Amy Adams as Lois Lane. If you haven’t seen the film “the Fighter”, I urge you to check it out to see what a terrific actress she is. She has a strength in that role that is incredibly convincing but also a likability that fits the role of Lois Lane. This is another casting announcement that has me convinced the Superman film is in great hands. If the script matches the casting, we could be in for something special.

The link above has a screen shot of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. I think these look like these are some of the best “Smallvillized” DC characters yet. I am not suprised by how good Blue Beetle looks. We saw that test footage months ago and this is a DC character that was made for the screen. Booster Gold’s costume is really awesome. I wasn’t sure what route they would go but he looks like a character from the future. It’s a very clean look. Geoff Johns has been batting high on his Smallville scripts so I am really looking forward to this.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I adore Aquaman! I think his return to DC has been really well done and I am glad that Geoff Johns will be kicking this off. There is a great deal of interesting things that can be done with Aquaman. I would love to see where he plans to take the character and his supporting cast. Aquaman works the best when you really have a chance to show how his unique nature brings something different to the DCU. I have high hopes this will be up there with some of the classic Aquaman uns.

Wonder Woman’s costume has been adjusted for the TV pilot. I have to say I like the darker tones a little better. I definitely want to see this in motion but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. It has a feel of the “classic” look while bringing some cool elements of the new version currently in comics. I think the story presented will ultimately be the selling point to me on whether or not this works. I am glad they made a few changes to the costume though.

By DrNorge

One thought on “Amy Adams is Lois Lane/ Booster Gold and Blue Beetle First Screen Shot / Geoff Johns on Aquaman/ Wonder Woman in action.”
  1. Hey Guys,

    At first, I was like…AMY ADAMS AS LOIS!?!? Thinking about it a bit more though, I realize that she is a superb actress and has the right kind of spunk that Lois needs. Plus, she looks quite young for her age, but not too young (like Kate Bosworth did)….What remains to be seen is if she has any chemistry with Cavill.

    Warm regards,

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