Episode 250: Year 6 begins: War of the Green Lanterns kicks off as we discuss Green Lantern 64 and Green Lantern Corps 58. We also have a quick chat about Justice League Generation Lost 22 and Justice League of America 55. From C2E2, we are joined by Mandy Stegall, K.C. Murdock and Merik Tadros (River Jordan). We shout out Jim Califiore’s new web comics, and Ken Branch.

Special thanks to Eli for this week’s spoiler warning contest entry!

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Show Notes:

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4:50 War of the Green Lanterns

57:55 JLA 55 and Justice League Generation Lost 22

1:15:30 Mandy Stegall DC Panels from C2E2

1:40:45 River Jordan Interview

2:00:00 K.C. Murdock

2:03:30 Jim Califiore’s Apex, Crooks and Nannies and 35 Years: Will You Survive by Ken Branch

2:13:30 Show Closing (Special permission from K.C. Murdock to play his song “Villain or Hero”)

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Jim Calafiore’s Awesome Web Comics



River Jordan and Merik Tadros





K.C. Murdock



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Ken Branch (35 Years: Will You Survive)



By DrNorge

5 thoughts on “Episode 250: Year 6 Begins War of the Green Lanterns, lots of very cool material from C2E2”
  1. Thanks for inserting my spoiler warning. You did it so seamlessly! Unrelated note – is the forum down or is it me…

  2. HHey guys, first things first: congratulations for your passion about DC. I wanna hear some words from you about LSH. I’m a bit disapointed with Levitz’s arc and the art don’t seems much promising too. Wich will be the future for the Legion?

  3. After a year-plus hiatus from listening to the show (work schedule changed, taking away most of my podcast listening time), I returned for this show. Congratulations on 5 years and I look forwards to year 6. I will go back a few episodes, but there is no way I can listen to all of the episodes that I missed (even if I can remember where I left off). Sad to think of all the talk that I will not have time to hear.

  4. Great Podcast as always guys. Just had to say though, that I really didn’t enjoy the latest issue of Superman. I’ve been okay with the grounded series, but it seems to be lagging a bit for me over the last few months.

    Also, what do you guys think about the reduction of pages from 22 to 20? I’ve noticed that the stories are noticeably a bit shorter….I’m glad that DC is holding the line…but the 20 page story count makes each experience reading my favorite books that much shorter….

    Congrats on 5 years….here’s to five more.

    Warm regards,

  5. Oops, missed this. The forum was down but the CGS crew got it back up and running again. The spoiler warning was fantastic.

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