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Sequart’s Gotham City 14 Miles: 14 Essays on Why the 1960s TV Series Matters and Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen are now available for purchase EXCLUSIVELY on LULU.

Gotham City 14 Miles offers the 1960s Batman TV series the critical reevaluation it deserves.  Its essays examine Batmania, camp, the role of women, the show’s participation in ’60s counter-culture, its many celebrated actors, its lasting cultural effects, and other critical subjects. Return to Adam West’s Gotham, to the unapologetic fun of colorful, cackling villains hatching bizarre schemes and deadpan heroes ridiculously climbing walls! (Softcover, 6”x9”, 300 pgs, B&W, $22.95 cover price, ISBN 9780578064611.)

Minutes to Midnight examines Watchmen from a variety of perspectives to uncover surprising answers to many questions. What does it reveal about the history of scientific theory? How is the atom bombing ofHiroshima refracted through its pages? Does Watchmen’s murder mystery measure up to the standards of Raymond Chandler? Is the depiction of Rorschach an unfair caricature of the philosophy of Steve Ditko? Where are the secrets of Captain Metropolis and the Minutemen revealed? Was the Comedian right all along? Who shouldn’t read Watchmen? (Softcover, 6”x9”, 184 pgs, B&W, $19.95 cover price, ISBN 9780578060767.)

Again, Lulu is the only place to get the two newest offerings from Sequart’s growing line of books. Thanks always for your support!

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