I hereby promise that this is the last time in September that everyone has to hear me rant about Smallville. For anyone who’s new, you should probably know that I’m more than just a little over the moon about the show.  I’m sure it’s easy to imagine how I’m going to feel when it’s over at the end of this upcoming season.

But why get all pouty now?  I have 22 brand new episodes to look forward to before the end of the road and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

And come on, who wouldn’t get excited over the characters the showrunners are bringing in this season?  John Schneider is back for at least two episodes (including the premiere), John Glover for at least one, and Michael Shanks for at least one.  They’re also introducing the Suicide Squad and Rick Flag, as well as Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.  Now, tell me that isn’t enough to get everyone excited.

See, but here’s the newest of the casting excitement: In what has to be some of the best stunt casting EVER, Smallville has landed the one and only Teri Hatcher to play…Lois Lane’s mom!  Don’t even tell me that doesn’t go beyond excitement.

Public perception in the past has been that Hatcher has shunned the show in the past because she didn’t appreciate the role and its history.  The reality of the situation is that Smallville is filmed in Vancouver, and the majority of the time her show, Desperate Housewives, was being filmed in Los Angeles at the same time.  It should also be kept in mind that if you’re going to bring in a name like Teri Hatcher, someone who has a place in the Superman mythology, you better have a damn good role for her to play.  It just had to be the right story.

Honestly, what gets better than playing Lois Lane’s mom?  Yes, I know she’s dead in Smallville lore, but just go with it here.  I don’t want to spoil too much, but trust me that it will make perfect sense once you know the premise. (And if you want to know, go to Michael Ausiello’s column on EW.com, where it was posted today.)  This is, without a doubt, the perfect role for Teri to come back and play.  And, it puts to rest once and for all the rumors that she did not look back at her time on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman very fondly.

Before I go, let me warn you that my columns over the coming months might feature Smallville heavily.  I’m a Superman geek and I’ve been watching this show since it started ten seasons ago, so I’m very enthusiastic about what looks like could be one of their best seasons.

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