Jim and I are preparing for vacations but we want to make sure you have content during that time. Jim will be in Italy for 3 weeks. During that time, I will be airing a very special Speeding Bullets show (tonight). We cover Brightest Day 4, Generation Lost 3, Booster Gold 33, Birds of Prey #2. We also chat about the film Jonah Hex, the future of DC films and television and much much more.

As a bonus, we had an opportunity to chat with Daryl Gregory, cowriter of Dracula: The Company of Monsters from Boom! Studios. We will be airing the fun interview we had on this episode as well.

After Episode 212, we will have 2 more JLA/Avengers Episodes covering issues 3 and 4 which were previously recorded to plan for this vacation. I will also be bringing on some friends of the show to discuss current comics while Jim is on vacation so you’ll still be getting some great content.

By DrNorge

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