I am thrilled by this news. I thought the run Fabian had to close out the Robin series really showed his understanding of what makes Tim Drake such a fantastic character. When he did an interview with us back then, he mentioned how he’d love to do a story that shows the hero Tim really is. I’ve loved what Chris Yost is doing and think this is the perfect choice to continue bringing the character back into the “light”. He’s been through a great deal and now we have him transitioning back to the character we have loved for so long.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for Tim Drake and his relationship with the Batman world. Will he remain Red Robin? What will he be like as Bruce’s return gets closer? What will his relationship with Dick be like now that so much of Gotham has changed? Will he be a part of team Batman or more of a free agent? I am just so excited that my head is running through so many possibilities. I am glad he has transitioned back into the character we know and love and it happened gradually. Fantastic news!

By DrNorge

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