I’ve shared earlier this week that I am drooling for a new Flash series. If you don’t read the Source regularly, you definitely need to be checking it out for great two part interviews such as this one with Geoff Johns. Plus you get to look at more of that great preview art.

As an additional note, I am hoping any Superman fans out there picked up this week’s Adventure Comics. There are some great moments explaining much of what has been going on with the Legion would have been in our time for the past couple of years.  It’s cool that this is something we’ve seen since the Meltzer JLA run. There is a greater sense of long term infiltration because they knew what was coming. I feel like I have been a part of their journey due to the sense of time passage. I am curious to see if the Legion’s involvement will be enough to completely hold off Brainiac and the plans of General Lane.

By DrNorge

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