If I could go on a Tangent for a moment…

More specifically, let’s talk about Tangent: Superman’s Reign. When this maxi-series started earlier this year, I picked it up on a whim. I had no prior knowledge of the Tangent Universe and what it was all about. I had just started reading monthlies, and frankly the reason I was drawn to it was because Superman’s name was on it.

But I picked it up, not sure what to expect. I was more than a little thrown to see the Tangent version of the Flash, wearing a pink suit with a yellow sunburst on the front, as well as names like Lori Lemaris and Harvey Dent.

One of the most enjoyable parts of this series has been seeing the back-up story, or the “History Lesson,” as it has been called, told by a seemingly unassuming techie by the name of Guy Gardner. Honestly, I don’t even want to call it a back-up story, because it’s been just as pleasurable as the main story. And for someone who began the series with absolutely no knowledge of the Tangent Universe, the second story in the book was vital to my understanding of the Universe as a whole.

The Tangent counterparts of the New Earth heroes (and, in some cases, villains) has been a great break for me from the DCU. Wait, I think Jim would call this book a “palate cleanser.” Sure, it’s serious and has some trans-universe implications, but it does take place outside the actual continuity of the DCU, and therefore is a nice book to read right after a heavy book such as Final Crisis.

I don’t know that I will actively search out past stories in the Tangent Universe, but this is definitely a case where I took a chance on a book that I had absolutely no prior knowledge about and it has paid off for me in the long run. I look forward to reading The Superman’s Reign every month, and from the way events are starting to fall into place, it appears as if I will be left very satisfied.

Inspired by comments in Episode 144

Sean and Jim had some interesting comments that caught my attention during their conversation about Renee’s part in Final Crisis: Revelations. I liked seeing her being brought in as possibly being involved with a team during issue #4. But instead of having her in the type of book you suggested (a spy, espionage-type book), I wonder how she might possibly fit in as a part of the new Justice League group being formed by James Robinson. My understanding of the book at this point is that this Justice League, headed by Hal Jordan, is intended to be more of a pro-active group. And now that we see that Renee has fully embraced her role as the Question and is working so hard in Revelations to help fix the situation, I can see her accepting a situation once again where she is dependent to certain degrees on a team once again. Doing so would mark a period of closure and healing for her character, since she has been burned so much in the past when she has put her trust in others.

And plus, any way we can see her character on a monthly basis would be a good thing. I’m still holding out for a solo series, but I would settle for Renee’s Question on a team.

New Format

One of the hardest parts of doing this blog once a week, (or so) is that I sometimes have a hard time picking just one topic to write about on here. And when I can’t narrow it down, I tend to put off writing anything at all. So to keep that from happening, I’m going to attempt writing about two or three topics a week. Sure, it might mean that you see me write about Smallville more often, but at least it will be shorter in length.

And if anyone ever has any questions, comments, or just wants to hear (or in this case, read) my opinions on a certain book, you can email me at gutterlife@gmail.com.

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