Episode 461 is here: Freddie E. Williams II returns to talk Batman/TMNT issue 4!

Episode 461: Freddie E. Williams II returns to talk Batman/TMNT issue 4! We continue celebrating 10 years of Raging Bullets, as we are joined by Freddie to talk about his awesome work on this crossover event!

Listener voicemails return next episode!

Show Notes:

0:00 Show opening, http://www.heroinitiative.org, http://cbldf.org/,http://www.DCBService.com, http://www.Instocktrades.com,  http://dcinfinite.com, http://www.comicspodcasts.com/, http://comicbooknoise.com/league/, show voicemail line 1-440-388-4434 or drnorge on Skype,and more.

Show contact info and web site: http://www.ragingbullets.com

3:00 Freddie Chat

2:10:24 Closing

We’ll be back next week with our next episode.  Check Ragingbullets.com, Twitter and our Facebook group for regular updates.

Freddie E. Williams II


Red Letter Media


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Show update: episode release this weekend due to illness

Hey Everyone,

I have a viral infection. The big problem is it is affecting my voice which is obviously bad for podcasting. Jim and I moved out plans to record to Saturday. We are still doing DC TV and will incorporate this week’s episode.

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Recording tomorrow: Robin War, Sheriff of Babylon, Titans Hunt and much more!

We are recording tomorrow night and have a lot we want to discuss. Please feel free to call in and add to the discussion!

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New show Sunday! Prez, Superman, Batgirl, Cyborg,

Due to vacations and work retreats, Jim and I are recording our first August show this Sunday. We have much to discuss, including, Cyborg, Prez, Superman, Batgirl, Grayson and much much more! Thanks for you patience. We can’t wait! Phone calls are always welcome with your thoughts.

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Sunday comics!

There is a really cool Kickstarter that I just pledged to support that brings back the fun of Sunday comics. Please click the link and check it out. Also, if you could share it with friends who have a potential interest, it would be appreciated!

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Support Molly Danger, please!

I know I have been posting this and sharing it on the show. I wanted to add a special appeal here. Please try and support Molly Danger. It is truly an amazing project. If you know someone who might be interested, please suggest it. I am a big believe in fan communities supporting projects like this.

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Show will be up some time today. Storms still happening here.

Hey Everyone,
The show will still release today as planned. I am waiting for storms to pass to finish because we’ve had frequent power outages. It will be up later today.

Thanks for your patience,

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My thoughts go out to the the friends and family of Jamie Dallesandro.

I was very sad to hear the news of Jamie Dallessandro passing after a courageous battle with cancer. He is one of the great people who helped me get into podcasting. His commentary was always insightful and made me walk away with a new appreciation for the things that I missed. We are very lucky to have had a chance to have known this wonderful guy and terrific friend to so many.

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Jamie D. from CGS Audio Rally!

Jamie D Audio Rally!

Hi Everyone,

I’m Sean Whelan from Raging Bullets. Depending on where you are reading this, you may or may not know me. I was talking to Matt and was trying to figure out something I could do to show Jamie just how much we all care for him and are rooting for him in his battle with cancer.

I’d like to put together a series of podcasts that Jamie could listen to from friends, listeners and fellow podcasters that Jamie could listen to. It would be a way for those of us who can’t be with him to let him know that we are in his corner.

How can you participate?

1) If you want to send a quick voice recording via Skype

– My screen name is drnorge

– The voice line is 1-440-388-444

2) If you want to email me an audio comment, send it to ragingbullets@icloud.com with the subject message “Jamie D”

Please keep the messages brief but thoughtful. I want to compile as many as I can each night. The idea here is to make Jamie smile and let him know how much we believe in him.

Feel free to post this to other forums. If you are a podcaster and want to put together a similar rally of your own, feel free to give your listeners your contact info instead. This isn’t about me. The idea is to try and give Jamie a chance to hear from as many people as we can.

Thanks in advance. I plan to start work on this tomorrow when I get home from work, so I can send audio each day!

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New show on Thursday!

It’s looking like Jim and I are recording Wednesday night. We will be discussing Forever Evil Arkham War and Rogues Rebellion. We will also have a chat about some other current DC favorites.

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