Editing two episodes today and will release 1 in roughly 2 hours. Shout out to Staunch Ambition Kickstarter

The past couple of weeks have had me swamped with college obligations. I am wrapping up the principal licensure program in April which will ease up some of the erratic show releases. I truly thank you all for your patience. I have been working on the show each day.

Today, I have a large block that I can devote and the next two releases will both be edited to get us back on track. I will release the interview with Freddie E. Williams in the next hour or two. Interviews take me quite a bit longer to edit but wind up being well worth it.

I also want to shout out the Staunch Ambition #2 Kickstarter. I am a big fan of the first issue. The Kickstarter is new reader friendly, as you can get issue 0,1 and 2 in various different options. Brian Lau is a very nice guy so please consider checking it out by clicking here.

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Slight snag: New Episode recorded due to vacation and editing resuming on previous one

Jim has a Vegas vacation for a week that required us to get a recording in before completing editing our most recent show. I have to update releases to make sure to get all content to you.

Tomorrow or Friday will finally see the release of our Freddie E. Williams II Episode on He-Man/Thundercats 5.

Monday or Tuesday will be the release of our recording on Green Arrow 17, The Wildstorm 1, Batwoman Rebirth 1, and Super Sons #1

Thank you for your patience. Recent work and school obligations came into play for both of us and we are getting back on track.

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Last show of February released tomorrow or Tuesday: Freddie E. Williams II returns for epic conversation

I am finishing a project for my principal’s licensure and working on editing during breaks. We enjoyed an epic recording with Freddie E. Williams II on He-Man/Thundercats #5. We talked cover to cover and also the behind the scenes on the process and creation of this wonderful book. Be sure to pick it up and join us.

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Power back: Recording tomorrow

Jim and I are trying to sneak in a recording in tomorrow night before I attend a school board meeting. Thanks for your patience. The power outage threw us off.

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Show delayed power outage

Hey Everyone,
Jim and I are trying to record but I have no power currently. I had to use the battery backup to post this. I will keep you up to date.

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New Show Friday or Saturday : Detective Comics, Green Arrow, Titans and Clean Room

I am currently working on my principal licensure. I had major project work due this week so recording was delayed. I am excited to say Jim and I are recording this weekend.

Detective Comics, Green Arrow, Titans and Clean Room will be the topics

Coming soon: Freddie E. Williams II joins up for He-Man/Thundercats #5. Be sure to pick it up next Wednesday!

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New Episode Tomorrow or Tuesday

I am hoping to post a new show tomorrow. A family health issue might delay it until Tuesday. Really excited to post the second part of our interview.

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Show update: Slight delay due to Basement flooding cleanup. Will be up this weekend.

Hey Everyone,

Sump pump failed in my basement over the last week and we are getting work done over this week and the weekend it get it fixed. It caused the current delay.

I am editing the new show as I type this. We had an amazing discussion with Wyatt Weed and Gayle Gallagher that spanned almost 3 1/2 hours on the Dark Knight Returns Epic Fan Film and Shadowland. I think you will really enjoy it.

Thanks for your patience. It’s an epic episode.

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New Episode tomorrow Night! We interview Wyatt Weed of Batman The Dark Knight Returns Fan Film and Shadowland!

Here is the trailer to the film:


Here is the actual film:


Wyatt Weed


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First show of 2017 released tomorrow or Wednesday: Detective Comics, Aquaman and Justice League vs Suicide Squad are discussed.

Jim and I are recording tomorrow or Wednesday. We welcome voicemails if anyone has comments to share. Happy 2017!

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